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Lions Laser Vision Social Media Policy

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, as well as Forums and Blogs are exciting new avenues expressing creativity, and sharing interests and knowledge. Participation in these online communities is therefore supported. However, there are instances where online discussions and posting of online content can cause distress to individuals or groups and can detract from the community’s overall enjoyment of social media use.

The Lions Laser Vision social media policy is guided by the following key principles:

  • Lions Laser Vision wishes to operate in an environment where people show respect for others. Respect is defined as consideration for another’s physical and emotional well being and possessions, to ensure no damage or deprivation is caused to either.
  • Lions Laser Vision wishes to operate in an environment that is free from harassment. Harassment is defined as any action directed at an individual or group that creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive environment.
  • Lions Laser Vision wishes to operate in a non-discriminatory environment. Respect the right, dignity and worth of every human being – treat everyone equally regardless of gender, ethnic origin or religion.

Lions Laser Vision promotes responsible use of social media and requires individuals, when posting about Lions Laser Vision and others, to observe the following guidelines for responsible social media use:

  • Lions Laser Vision requires individuals to take responsibility for their own words and for the comments allowed on their sites social media pages. Lions Laser Vision does not engage in unacceptable content, and will delete comments that contain it.
  • Unacceptable content is defined as anything included or linked to that:
    a. is being used to abuse, harass, stalk or threaten others
    b. is libelous, knowingly false, or misrepresents another person
    c. infringes upon a copyright or trademark
    d. violates an obligation of confidentiality
    e. violates the privacy of others
  • Lions Laser Vision recommends individuals do not post anything online that they wouldn’t say in person.
  • Lions Laser Vision recommends connecting privately before they respond publicly. When individuals encounter conflicts and misrepresentation in social networking sites, they should make every effort to talk privately and directly to the person(s) involved – or find an intermediary who can do so – before publishing any posts or comments about the issue.
  • Lions Laser Vision strongly discourages personal attacks. When someone who is publishing comments that are offensive, individuals have a duty to tell them so (privately, if possible – see 3 above).
  • Lions Laser Vision prefers if individuals not to respond to nasty comments about them, their group, or website.

Lions Laser Vision encourages all individuals to “think before posting”. Individuals should recognize that even if posting to a private section of a social networking site, comments can appear in public areas through a variety of means and can easily be found. Individuals should avoid posting something they will regret now or later.

Updated November 2017

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