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How much does laser eye surgery cost?

Laser Eye Surgery Cost

One of the most pertinent questions people ask when considering treatment is ‘how much will laser eye surgery cost?’

To find out if you’re suitable for LASIK you’ll need to book in for a consultation. During your first consultation, we will conduct several routine tests to check the condition and health of your eyes. We will then discuss the procedure and what results you can expect. The cost of your first consultation at Lions Laser Vision is $140.

For most people, the cost of LASIK at Lions Laser Vision is $3250 per eye. There are no extras or add-ons with our laser treatment. You pay one fee which covers your LASIK treatment and post operative consultations, up to 4 weeks after the procedure. Any follow up visits after this time will incur a fee of $70.

Please note, the price of your laser treatment can vary depending on the condition of your eyes. The easiest and quickest way to find out if you’re suitable for laser eye surgery is to take our online suitability test.

To make things even easier, you can also take up our interest free* option and pay us back monthly. See now, pay later.

Payment Options

We understand that the cost of the procedure may deter you from proceeding, so we have put together a list of the finance and payment options available to you, so you can ‘see now, and pay later.’ 

The payment options available to you include:

  • Cash payment
  • Eftpos and Credit Cards – Mastercard or Visa 
  • American Express – This is for the Lions Laser Vision theatre/ facility fee only. No extra charges.
  • Bank cheques (No personal cheques)

All payments are to be paid for on the day of the day of your treatment or just prior.

Finance Options

The finance options available to you include:

  • Once Agile Visa Payment Plan

Please see below the details for the Once Agile Visa Payment Plan option:

  • This is a 6 or 12 month interest free payment plan.
  • Your Once Agile Visa can be used for the entire fee.
  • The Once Agile payment plan option incurs a $99 annual fee.

We understand the process of finding the right payment option can be somewhat overwhelming and time-consuming. We are happy to assist you in the process as much as we possibly can, however we strongly advise you conduct additional research on top of the information we provide you.

Please email or call us on 9381 0758 and we will email you the application link. If you are taking up our payment option, we’ll discuss your payments prior to the procedure.

Health Cover Options for Laser Eye Surgery

Fees cannot be claimed through Medicare but some private health funds now cover LASIK. For more information on which health funds cover the cost of laser eye surgery, click here.

Note: Before receiving any treatment, we strongly advise you contact your health fund first to confirm the benefits you’ll receive, any out-of-pocket expenses and your certainty of full cover.