Before & After

What to expect

It is important to understand that no surgeon can guarantee perfect vision. Those with higher degrees of refractive error have more chance of needing to wear glasses for some activities such as night driving. Those in the presbyopic age group will eventually need glasses for reading and other near work.

The degree of improvement in vision varies from person to person.


There have been more than 30 million LASIK procedures performed worldwide. Clinical trials in the US have shown the vast majority of patients achieved or reported the following:

  • Extreme improvement in vision quality
  • 20/20 vision without glasses
  • No increase in unwanted glare, halos or night driving difficulty
  • High satisfaction with their results
  • They would choose the procedure again

Fast recovery time

The most dramatic improvement will be noticed the morning following surgery. Most people return to their normal routine on the day after the treatment, but usually return to work after another day especially if you do a lot of computer work.