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Laser Eye Surgery for Vision Correction

Laser eye surgery, also known as refractive surgery or vision correction, is a medical procedure used to correct and restore normal eyesight so that glasses and contact lenses are no longer needed. 

The treatment requires the use of a microscopically precise laser to reshape the surface of the cornea in order to improve a number of common eye problems, including myopia (short-sightedness), hypermetropia (long-sightedness), and astigmatism (the uneven curvature of the surface of the eye).

Types of Laser Eye Treatments

There are a number of different laser surgery options to improve your vision. One of the most common and effective laser vision correction treatments is LASIK eye surgery due to the rapid recovery, little discomfort and dramatic improvement in vision.

For those unsuitable to receive SmartSight or LASIK, PRK laser treatment is just as effective. Find out more about the laser treatments available at Lions Laser Vision.

What to Expect from the Procedure

On the day of your laser eye surgery, you’ll be at Lions Eye Institute for around two to three hours. The procedure is performed with an oral sedative, analgesic, and local anaesthetic eye drops. The surgery only takes around 20 minutes per eye, and during this time you’ll be lying comfortably with an instrument to hold your eyes open.

The LASIK Procedure

During LASIK laser eye surgery, a flap in the cornea is created using our SCHWIND ATOS femtosecond laser. Our SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS excimer laser is then used for the refractive correction of the eye. The flap is placed back on the eye and quickly self adheres. The procedure itself isn’t painful, but you may experience some discomfort due to pressure on the eyes, bright lights and some pulling on the eyelids.

The PRK Procedure

PRK is very similar to the LASIK procedure, except for the first step. During the PRK procedure, rather than cutting a flap in the cornea, this layer is removed prior to reshaping the underlying corneal tissue. This layer grows back in the next few days which means there is a longer recovery time than for LASIK.

Find out more about the LASIK laser eye procedure and PRK laser eye surgery.


SmartSight involves the use of one laser to create a very thin piece of corneal tissue (lenticule) in the cornea which is then removed through a small incision.

SmartSight is the latest type of laser eye surgery available today. It is safe, gentle and precise, giving you the best possible vision in the least amount of time. Visual recovery and comfort after the procedure are excellent and it is less invasive than other forms of laser eye surgery.

Find out more about the SmartSight procedure.

The Cost of Refractive Eye Surgery

The cost of eye surgery can vary between individuals based on the condition of your eyes. We have a great range of payment and financing options so you can find the best one to cover you.

Advanced Laser Technology in LASIK Eye Surgery

At the Lions Laser Vision eye clinic, we use the first ever SCHWIND ATOS femtosecond laser to be brought to Perth. This state of the art technology is one of the most advanced lasers available in the world today, ensuring our LASIK patients receive the best treatment possible.

See if You're Suitable for Laser Vision Correction at Perth's Premier Clinic

As far as laser eye surgery in Perth goes, Lions Laser Vision is the leading clinic. Our highly trained laser eye surgeons and staff members go above and beyond to ensure you receive the safest and most effective eye treatment possible.

Take our suitability test to find out if laser eye surgery is for you, or book a consultation at our Perth eye clinic. Whether you have SmartSight, LASIK or PRK, say goodbye to glasses forever and live a new life without limits by contacting us today.

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